The Carter Family Project
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The Carter Family Project
We're recording every single song the Carter Family ever cut. In order. One per day. In one or two takes. And we've got to get it done during naptime.

And we've got some real good guest stars, too.
Role: Musician, writer.
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I will be following this.
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Sharing with the fam and friends.
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Thanks, friends! And if you what to chat/argue with us about chords and lyrics, etc. (nothing like folk-music nerds squabbling about lyrics!) the "comments" function on the site is enabled.
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Nice work - what a lovely project. I have found my replacement for Jon Boden's now-completed A Folk Song A Day project.

I know this sounds greedy, but is there any chance we could have these as podcasts so I can burn 'em all to CD and keep the whole set?
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This is great. Just getting into it, but you've got a great voice for the project - just enough high lonesome.
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We're working on the podcast thing. Not tech savvy and no budget means it might be a while. @notsnot: thanks! it's my husband who sings; I am learning to play the bass as we go and I can only manage that at this point.
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