(Trying to) tackle world hunger one locust at a time (SLYT).
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(Trying to) tackle world hunger one locust at a time (SLYT).
Here is my video offering solutions to the global food crisis as part of a submission for the international Thought For Food challenge. Possible NSFW if your boss can't abide a male nipple.

The competition is sponsored by Syngenta, who are a big bad pesticide company, but if the video gets enough views then they will pay for us to go to the One Young World conference in Zurich, where we would hopefully spread a little more good around.

Please help mefites!

Please comment, question, discuss, all opinions welcome.
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I just realised that this is my first proper post on metafilter, posted a year to the day of signing up. Does this mean that I'm officially not a newb? I can only hope.
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We made a couple of teaser videos to draw people in to the main video as well:

1. 'Her First Time - Caught On Camera' which is surprisingly/disappointingly (?) SFW.


2. A story from when we gave away some free food - SFW and full of win.
posted by mnfn at 11:28 AM on June 15, 2011

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