Design I notice
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Design I notice
In the course of one day, photograph all of the examples of design that you notice, good, bad, or ugly. I'm especially interested in where you are from vs. where you are at the moment. Are you local? Is this design you grew up with or is it new to you? What does the design say to you?

“Throughout each day, we are surrounded by examples of design –objects or images that others have created for different purposes. Some to guide and assist us. Some to communicate to us. Some to form our everyday environment and add to our experience of living.
All of this influences us, for good or bad, consciously or subconsciously. The combined and repeated impact of all of these elements of design influences our ‘design language’ and taste. Thus the taste and ‘style’ of one group. community or even country may grow to differ perceptibly from another.
In an effort to see what design gets noticed by people all over the world, we task all who are interested to take a camera to bed and then, when they wake up the next morning, begin documenting the design objects that they encounter as they go through the day. Good design, bad design, brands, architecture, digital, public facilities (post offices, bus stops, signage), whatever catches your attention. To what extent are they cohesive? What do you notice when you ‘open your eyes’?”
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