NeoClassicus: The artwork of Judith Turim
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NeoClassicus: The artwork of Judith Turim
My mother has been a struggling fine artist for the past 40 years. She finally decided to take the plunge and develop a portfolio site for her work.

I would love to get some constructive feedback from my fellow mefites. I am also looking for some advice on how to market the site so that people who are interested in purchasing art may find it, and how to effectively use google ad words and analytics.
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I'm having some HTML layout issues (Firefox 2 on Windows), and, unfortunately, it looks like the main home image might have a backslash where you intend a forward slash in the href tag... but I like the art!
posted by amtho at 5:59 PM on January 11, 2011

The image on the top page was broken for me. (Firefox 3.6, Mac)
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I like some of it, sure. Much of it appears to be faithful copying. But the pricing - to put it mildly and gently - is optimistic. If I was in a gallery or a studio, I would quickly walk away.
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Yeah, the main image doesn't show up on first page for me either (Firefox 3.6, Windows) and when you click any of the links the side menu overlaps the images. Make sure you look at it in Firefox. That said, I like the watercolors a lot; they feel fluid and loose and definitely capture something of what I think about ancient Greek art.
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Might I suggest changing the labelling or organisation of the sub-sections? The reason I say this is that when I saw 'Classical', I thought Classics in the Greek/ Roman sense, so was surprised to see a man in a ruff under 'Drawings'.
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Peacay - thank you for your honest feedback, here's what my mother had to say about faithful copying, and pricing -
All art is copying, people see things, they like it and they create their own rendition. Most of the work on the site is not a direct copy, rather a composition from existing images or objects and then re-created. We assumed you were talking about the pricing of the 'modern mythology', each of those pieces took nearly a year to create so they were priced accordingly.
tavegyl - yeah, the man in the ruff is an anamoly, and it may get removed. we really likes that painting and didn't really know where else to put it
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