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I built some synths and put them in robots and now they're going to be on show at Deluxe Cafe, Kent Tce, Wellington, New Zealand for two weeks starting Monday 15th.
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Interesting... I assume the "appendages" are potentiometers? Also, any chance of a recording of their appearance at the Deluxe Cafe. I'd really like to hear them in action/possibly purchase one?? Either way well done, I'm sure if you're looking to market them noisefx or analogue haven would distribute them for you. It seems like something special.
posted by ACair at 8:41 AM on November 10, 2010

Thanks for the kind words ACair. I'm not looking to market them in a mass-production sense, I prefer to either teach people how to build their own, or work to specific commissions. They're really very simple, as far as these things go.

FYI the 4 species in this show are a 4-stage gated oscillator (4 limbs, 2 eyes - $90), semi-random melody generator (4 limbs, 3 eyes - $180), 8-step tone sequencer (10 limbs, 1 eye - $270), and a little LP filter ($45). I'm also madly trying to finish the monster grandaddy which has 32 knobs and about 60 jacks. After we open I'll have more photos and recordings, so I'll put a note here when they're online.

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Hey these are really cool, and I will def pop around the corner to see them :) I would have no idea how they are constructed internally, but they look so cute on the outside!!
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Here's a quick recording showing the different sounds a bit more deliberately.
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Holy moly, astonishing response on opening night - packed out from the back wall to the street! 80% sell out in the first hour. Photos of more of the bots online here.

Grin grin grin grin grin...
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Holy crap these are awesome!
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I like the 8-step seq. best. Those are veeeeeeeery cool, man! YOU are off to a blazing start.
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