Vpered - Abstract Strategy Board Game
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Vpered - Abstract Strategy Board Game
I'm a budding game designer and am working out the rules to an Abstract Strategy Board Game... At the linked site you can see the ruleset as it exists now. You can create the pieces using coins (Quarters for large, Nickels for medium and Dimes for small) and draw a grid on paper. I have a fimo set I made. I will be uploading pics eventually. I would love any feedback in terms of gameplay experiences (if anyone decides to try playing it themselves), rules clarification (for those who may have experience in game design, those who are curious about the rules, but not necessarily want to actually play test), etc... If anyone has any sort of advice on how to proceed, I would greatly appreciate that as well. I think this has potential, but it's still quite an alpha release. Never even playtested with other people yet. I hope this is a valid entry into "projects".
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It is a valid entry, definitely.

It is difficult to speak insightfully about the game though without playing it. I might try it out with some friends tomorrow. If we do I'll let you know how it goes.
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Thanks much :) I appreciate any feedback. There are definitely vacancies in the rules, as I'm still trying to come to grips with it.

Feel free to PM me here with any insights and thoughts.
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