What our kids made
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What our kids made
Our family gets a lot of pleasure from our daughter's artwork, and we initially just wanted to put up a site to show her creations off to extended family and friends. We also wondered what other kids her age were doing, and I could not find anywhere solely devoted to displaying kids' artwork. With that in mind, we created this site as sort of a public refrigerator that everyone's kids' art can hang on.

So, if you'd like to show off your kids' masterpiece(s), take a picture and email it to us with your child's first name (and initial, if necessary - no full names please ), age, and any info that you want included about the work such as subject or title and we'll post it here.
Pictures are tagged by first name, age, and subject, so you can search (at the bottom of the page) for your own child's artwork, see the works that other children their age are creating, or find other pictures of bicycles, trees or unicorns...

Note: this site has not been updated in two months, I am posting this here as a means to prompt me to pay regular attention to the site, as well as to get some submissions from kids other than my own....
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Just curious, what's the age limit? Not that I'm thinking of sending anything in since I don't have kids and I can't be my own kid (so I won't be sending in anything I did and pass it off as my momma sending it in or anything), I'm just curious about if we'll be seeing high school or college or my kid happens to be a professional artist stuff.

Either way, kids + art > chocolate cake.
posted by theichibun at 3:59 AM on May 27, 2010

Hmmm...did not think of that, but if some 37 year-old's parent wants to send something in, it might be funny once or twice, but as the parent of 2 children under 5, I suppose my original intent was more along the lines of elementary school age children. Perhaps I'll clarify that on the page. Thanks!
posted by horsemuth at 8:46 AM on May 27, 2010

I'll keep this in mind. My nine year old daughter and seven year old son both love to make art. Maybe if I submit some to your site I can clear some space on my walls!
posted by TooFewShoes at 3:03 PM on May 28, 2010

Does anyone have anyone have any ideas on how to further encourage submissions from others?
posted by horsemuth at 9:46 AM on May 30, 2010

Maybe a giant in your face can't miss it thing somewhere telling people that they can submit things would work. Right now that information is in the middle paragraph of a block of text that I don't want to read because I want to look at the art.
posted by theichibun at 10:15 AM on May 30, 2010

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