BabyZoink is a name inventor, intended to provide new parents with unique names that nobody else has.
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BabyZoink is a name inventor, intended to provide new parents with unique names that nobody else has.
BabyZoink is a new concept in naming. Our unique name creator invents names that sound familiar, yet distinctive. Many of our names are completely new - nobody is using them yet.

My sweetie and I were talking about what a bummer it is when you're stuck trying to find someone with a name like John Smith, since there's almost no hope in hell of finding the right John Smith using a search engine. Heck, even an uncommon first and last name will still turn up hundreds of hits. So I said "someone should make a website that gives new parents some unique names that hardly anybody has". And the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a fun thing to do. So I did it.
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by ivey on December 25, 2009: Where unique identities are born every day.

I'm suspecting some leg pulling here, but look forward to laughing at some overly unusual names cropping up in the near future.
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I kinda think parents who do this to their kidds are evil, but there's nothing wrong with evil parents. Beats Peaches.
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One of the names I got was "Bye." That name is "Who is the president of China" kind of situation just waiting to happen. Over and over and over again.
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Galakesha! I love it. All the names are a bit, shall we say, 2030ish.
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Deangeloise! I love it!

And Fidelle (Castra?) is obviously the name that the former president of Cuba will take when he starts doing drag shows.
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This is fabulous. I can't stop clicking on it, and knowing my mother's taste for absurd names, I will now never see her again because she'll be stuck in a fugue state doing the same.

Can you tell us anything about the name-generating algorithm? Clearly it draws on actual names.

Some of these would totally not be out of place in my Dominican neighborhood, where name creativity is the norm rather than the exception. Some, like Bra, Bus, and Die, would just not work anywhere.
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p.s. Neomitzi is an improvement on Plain Old Mitzi
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Clelidia is gonna get a lotta slack at school.
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I think the most practical use for this would be for RPGs, really. Those fantasy name generators are awful, and you can see a name created by one from a mile away... but a lot of these could be useful for a variety of RPG settings, really. Frankly, I wouldn't want to give my kids names that will always and forever be #1 on Google - I myself have an amazingly common name, and I love the anonymity it affords me on the internet, especially with regard to the very real possibility these days of employers doing searches on potential hires. Not that I do much that I'd need to hide from an employer, but I don't like the idea of them trying to get in on my private life on the internet.

But anyway. Cool nonetheless!
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I love it, I just got "Die" and "Mice" in the same grouping!
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