SuperGameChallenge - bizarre & obscure videogame reviews
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SuperGameChallenge - bizarre & obscure videogame reviews
Super Game Challenge is simple - a couple of guys sit down with some obscure older console games and play them. Some have said that the result is humorous. You could describe it as MST3K for video games.

Keith Burgun (myself) and Blake Reynolds sift through old and mostly obscure (to extremely obscure) NES games, or occasionally games from other systems of the era. We then "challenge" the other to play them. Howls of terror and witty zingers are made.

Key episodes:

Episode 10 - Robodemons (maybe the stupidest NES game?)

Episode 23 - Cybernoid (my personal favorite)

Episode 19 - My Hero (The bully stole your girlfriend, now you must jump kick 3,000 men)

Episode 06 - Moon Ranger (made by Color Dreams, who later went on to create Bible games)

Episode 09 - Pesterminator (includes a rap about Pest-erminating)

Episode 22 - Psycho Fox (Sega's first attempt at a "Sonic" character?)
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Psycho Fox was a wonderful game! As the kid who went for the Sega Master System over NES, Psycho Fox was one of my favorites.

On the other hand, My Hero is impossible.
posted by The Great Big Mulp at 5:56 PM on December 27, 2009

Highlight for me was the semi-improvised Robodemon song to the melody of 'Happy Together.' It somehow made the game seem bearable.
posted by him at 7:20 AM on December 31, 2009

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