Executive Bored - An anonymous online support group for people bored at work
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Executive Bored - An anonymous online support group for people bored at work
Work sucks. But it sucks a lot less when you've got people to laugh about it with. Executive Bored is an easy way to share sfw workplace advice (Best Practices), work stories (Smoke Breaks), stuff you bought online when you should have been working (Acquisitions), casual games you enjoy at work (Tech Support) and funny or weird office e-mails (Inbox Highlights). You can also post up videos floating around the office and more. You can see all our departments here. The site's run by a journalist and his ex-journalist buddy now trapped in HR hell, who thought this might be a fun angle to approach writing about the workplace. Anyone who joins can immediately begin posting to the site. The editors move the best stuff to the front page throughout the day. All anonymous. All work safe. People are having fun with it so far. Tech-wise the site's running on Drupal 5.7 and using mostly off-the shelf Drupal modules that have been hacked into current shape. We just went pubic yesterday. We've got a ton of features in the pipeline. The goal is to attack white collar ennui in a fun, communal way. If you want to get involved, drop by, Join the Bored and start posting.
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Well, you relieved some of my white-collar ennui with the sentence:

We just went pubic yesterday.

I find that happening at work sometimes.
posted by imperium at 3:35 PM on July 29, 2008

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