200 Nipples
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200 Nipples
A project my sister and I just started---> Home of quality-made, limited-edition, tees. They're hand-numbered, delivered with a certificate of authenticity, and come with a 100%, money-back, satisfaction guarantee. We'll only print 100 of any design; the price of the shirt equals the number in the series. So, #1 is $1, #100 is $100, and everything in between. Once we've printed the full run of a design, the prepped screen is destroyed; it will never be reproduced. We have a fresh design every month.
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I really like the idea. I've got to be honest though- once it passes #30 or so, it'd have to be an outrageously good t-shirt for me to fork out for it.
posted by twirlypen at 10:20 PM on July 2, 2008

It's an interesting idea, and the shirt design is nice, but I suspect you are likely to experience significant slowdowns in your business after you sell 50 of a given design. And frankly I'm not convinced you'll find 10 people to fork over "$100"* for a t-shirt.

*To many, if not most, consumers, a price in the 90's is effectively $100.
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Good idea, the novelty will sell some shirts, but for you to push past #30 they'll just have to be great designs (fresh!)
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I agree with the above. Drop the run to 50 and keep everything else the same. Everyone wins. Except the cool kids who love #69 and #88. So maybe let people go to 100 but figure out a way to do a 50+ number of your choosing?
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