El Gorgo!
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El Gorgo!
El Gorgo! is a super-intelligent gorilla, the world's greatest luchador, perhaps the finest living surf rock guitarist, a moderately commercially successful (but critically lauded!) historical novelist, and -- naturally -- the star of his own comic book, imaginatively entitled El Gorgo! As you may have guessed, El Gorgo also spends much of his extremely limited free time fighting evil. In this debut issue (twenty-four pages, free and complete), he encounters the Lovecraftian horror of Dagon! Then there are dinosaur guys. And lots of exclamation points!!!

El Gorgo! is a riff on Silver Age comics, but I think it stands on its own, and I hope it's more than homage. I can honestly say nothing has ever been more fun for me to write. Co-creator Tamas Jakab (whose art is stellar) and I hope to keep doing this book for quite some time, though when and if it'll appear on dead trees ever is kind of hard to say. For now, anyway, this issue is just a click away, and that's the plan for future issues, too. (A cover for this issue should appear in a week or so...we were so psyched to get the book out there that we decided to just go without for now.)
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posted by Pants! at 6:09 AM on July 2, 2008

Thank you, sir!
posted by kittens for breakfast at 6:46 AM on July 2, 2008

posted by the dief at 6:57 AM on July 2, 2008

Although a little hard to read 'cos I don't have a, like, nine foot LCD screen. Maybe make a PDF out of it?
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Yeah, the PDF is coming (we're kinda in early days, and are waiting until we have the cover to produce the file). I should also say (while I'm at it) that the current version is not best viewed through IE, but since nothing really is, that's probably not a surprise. Glad you liked it otherwise!
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I wish the NEXT link was at the bottom or in the last panel of each page, but other than that: SWEEEET.
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As the world's only El Gorgo widow (Tamas is my boyfriend), I have to say that even I LOVE ME SOME EL GORGO. Best. Comic. Book. Evah.

(Not that I'm, well, biased or anything...)
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I adore the style and the storyline is equally fantastic! Great. Great. Great. My only critique repeats steef - I would have liked a "next" button at the bottom of the frames. But great job, seriously.
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Is there anything this comic *doesn't* have???!!!

There is no scale large enough to measure this much awesome.
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Oh. Oh yes.
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