Space Exploration: Serpens Sectory (Prototype 1)
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Space Exploration: Serpens Sectory (Prototype 1)
An old prototype SF game about mysteries, weird aliens, and managing your crew.

  • Explore and map the stars of the newly re-discovered Serpens Sector.
  • Acquire and manage crew with various talents and opinions.
  • Encounter alien species like the warlike Gloptians, desperate Thellurm, powerful Nemans, and mysterious Pan-Opta.
  • Attempt to uncover the cause of the great calamity that nearly wiped out mankind a generation ago.
  • Fight enemy ships in a turn-based combat system: hide behind planets, navigate through asteroid fields, hack enemy ships, and use your crew's special abilities.
Space Exploration: Serpens Sector is an old game project inspired by games like Strange Adventures in Infinite Space and Star Control. Future work on the project, if any, will start from scratch, but what's here is quite pretty and playable.
Role: Developer
posted by Zarkonnen (2 comments total)

Nice, thank you!
posted by XMLicious at 9:42 AM on September 17

I hope that some day space explorers seeking strange new worlds will indeed be able to ask the question, "Do you accept payment in monkeys?"
posted by XMLicious at 6:19 PM on September 18

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