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Backgroundifier is a Mac OSX droplet-style app that converts image files of any size into pretty desktop backgrounds. Any image will work, but fine art and illustration looks the best. (You can see examples of the output on the app homepage.) There's a command line mode in addition to the GUI: if you go into the Backgroundifier.app bundle, you can either call into the Backgroundifier executable directly from Terminal (with the caveat that you can only save to and read from your ~/Pictures directory — sandboxing, sorry!), or alternatively extract the un-sandboxed command line utility from the Resources directory. On my laptop, I've even set up an Automator script that watches my primary pictures directory, automatically converts any new additions via shell script, and outputs the results to the directory I use for my desktop backgrounds. The app costs a buck, but most of it is open source. (I decided to exclude the UI nib file from the repo, at least for the time being.) It's written in Swift 2. You can find the repo here. Unfortunately, it's just a little bit out of date, but all the image conversion stuff should work fine. [more inside]
posted by archagon on Sep 27, 2015 - 0 comments

MetaFilter, Meet MetaClip...

MetaClip is an open source clipboard management utility that can store the contents of the Windows clipboard permanently in a portable file format that can later be restored, backed up or moved to other Windows based desktop machines. MetaClip stores and categorizes clipboard contents in a file-system based library. A technologically superior, open source version of this previous project, MetaClip stores clipboard contents in a custom .clpx extension file format, and allows users to categorize and store clipboard contents for easy retrieval and reuse. The current pre-alpha release actually seems pretty stable from my own informal user testing, and is already proving to be fairly useful in my own day-to-day work routine. [more inside]
posted by saulgoodman on Dec 14, 2011 - 4 comments

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