ClipIt! is a free Window's clipboard-based content management utility.
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ClipIt! is a free Window's clipboard-based content management utility.
The ClipIt! utility let's you name, categorize and store the contents of the Window's system clipboard to a portable file-based repository for future reuse. Clipboard contents stored using ClipIt! can be restored to the system clipboard from the active clip library for reuse in any clipboard-enabled Windows application. The utility also allows you to back-up the contents of a clip library or share a clip library with other ClipIt! users. Advanced features provide the ability to view the various data formats in which the clipboard content is available at the point of input or output, as well as the ability to filter input or output results by one or more available data formats (but these features should be used with caution, as results may not always be what you expect).

This is a little Windows desktop application I've been developing in my spare time for a while now. It's designed to run on Windows XP and later versions of Windows, and requires version 2.0 of the .NET framework. This version seems to be stable enough to start beta testing, though I do already know of a couple minor issues that will be resolved in future releases, and I haven't tested the application extensively yet on especially large libraries of clips. Feel free to help beta test it or just use it as you like. For now, I'm offering this under a standard EULA and not releasing the source code, but that may change in the future.
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FYI--made a minor revision to the app to make it a single-instance application (in other words, so you can't accidentally open the app in multiple windows, which could potentially cause some issues). The set up files have been updated, so download and install the app again to get the update.
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