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So I made a Wordle clone (with some extra features)

I have been playing Wordle for a few months with friends from a Discord, and I really liked it, but I felt it had some shortcomings that I wanted to address. So, I made a Wordle clone. It's mostly the same as Wordle but [more inside]
posted by RustyBrooks on Jan 20, 2022 - 8 comments

Open source Minecraft Server hosting project with pay and DIY options

MC-COAL is a different approach to hosting multiplayer Minecraft worlds. It's based on an open-source project to host, build, and maintain multi-player Minecraft worlds and communities. COAL is a web application that is written in python and runs on the Google Cloud Platform. [more inside]
posted by nanojath on Nov 11, 2014 - 2 comments

The Waiting Game - make it count

You win by catching your opponent of guard with your single attack or by quickly counter striking when your opponent attacks. This is a two player game, so bring a friend. [more inside]
posted by FidelDonson on Sep 9, 2010 - 10 comments

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