Open source Minecraft Server hosting project with pay and DIY options
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Open source Minecraft Server hosting project with pay and DIY options
MC-COAL is a different approach to hosting multiplayer Minecraft worlds. It's based on an open-source project to host, build, and maintain multi-player Minecraft worlds and communities. COAL is a web application that is written in python and runs on the Google Cloud Platform.

If you're not technically savvy the pay option uses a unique pay-as-you-go system where you fund worlds' runtime from a server resource bank, with tools to manage precisely how these resources are consumed. It's free to start worlds and you only use resources when someone is playing. You can also fund other creators' worlds from your resource bank, so sharing server costs is simple. You can create and manage worlds easily through an online interface. COAL also provides In-game chat integration with web-based real-time chat monitoring, archiving, searching, and messaging.

The bulk of the code was written by (as of now - finally got him to sign on!) Metafilter's Own gumptionthomas so if you have technical questions ask away.
Role: Lead Writer and Visionary for MC-COAL LLC
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komara posted this over at MeFightClub - love to help out with a COAL-based server for the community if there's interest.
posted by nanojath at 1:14 PM on November 12, 2014

Sweet! And a very player friendly revenue model - hope it works out for you.
posted by pharm at 7:40 AM on November 20, 2014

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