Sudoku Slam 2.0
February 16, 2007 2:54 PM

Sudoku Slam 2.0
We released this project last fall and had a great response: 10000 puzzles served a day, since. We still think it's got the best Sudoku solving UI out there and a lot of great features: saving and sharing puzzles, autofill, two solving modes, "Smart Hints" that explain the logic behind solving moves and help you become a better player, smart undo, and more. We've just added a bunch of new features for the 2.0 release: 1. A new super-hard difficulty level, "Piledriver". 2. Ability to enter in arbitrarily hard external puzzles (such as from your newspaper) and solve them using our nifty interface, getting hints where they are available. 3. An "offline" mode, where you can download a bunch of puzzles and solve them even when you're disconnected from the Internet, such as during a morning commute. 4. More undo options. The site is still utterly ad-free, unlike virtually every other sudoku site out there.
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