mefi universe search engine
February 16, 2007 8:50 AM

mefi universe search engine
I created several custom google co-op search engines, each with matching search extensions. One of them searches the entire mefi universe, including metachat, monkeyfilter, 9622, and the sites of mefi users who volunteer (or are volunteered by others). Tabs let you refine search by the blue, green, etc., and once user sites are added, the results will be weighed so the results will be: main site, fan sites, user sites (or whatever is most popular). This is similar to mathowie's recent offering, but covers more ground (if it's the sort of ground you want covered). Also, a search engine for finding screenplays, an engine for searching all CondeNast sites, and a link to my recently-started blog, where I mostly ruminate on TV and movies.
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