"Here We Are" Close Read Blog-o-thing
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"Here We Are" Close Read Blog-o-thing
I took myself to see the premier Sondheim's posthumously released final play "Here We Are" on my birthday in January and came home with a head full of thoughts. Through the magic of dark internet (Reddit) I was able to get a cruddy recording when I got home and have been listening to it since. I'm trying to get these thoughts out of my head in single-file line ahead of the release of the cast recording on May 18th.

I have some posts already written! I'll keep them in order here and eventually figure out how to substack (I just like writing in markdown and it seemed easy enough).

1 - Background
2 - Characters (part one)
3 - Characters (part two)
4 - Act One Overview
5 - Act Two Overview
6 - Trickster Starts Out Hungry (In which I examine the use of restaurants in Act One as metaphors for critiques of modern theater)
7 - What a perfect day! (In which I examine the somewhat novel use of leitmotif in "Here We Are")
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posted by gee_the_riot (6 comments total)

8 - Dialectics of Dining Out (wherein I ... you get it from the title, right?)
posted by gee_the_riot at 3:49 PM on May 2

9 - Metamodernism and Me! (You?) (in which I make a case that Here We Are is an exemplar of a metamodernist text.
posted by gee_the_riot at 11:02 AM on May 3

10 - Notes on Survivor's Camp (Wherein I write a manifesto trying to synthesize a new version of camp out of shitty things that happened to me in life to create a new critical lens for the analysis I'm writing.)
posted by gee_the_riot at 3:15 PM on May 9

11 - Notes on Notes (wherein I don't know music theory but gamely press on. )

12 - Tonicization, Sacrifice, Key Changes and Saying Goodbye (wherein I attempt to pull a rabbit out of my hat by explicating the "surprising but inevitable" conclusion)
posted by gee_the_riot at 7:33 AM on May 14

13 - God, the Bishop and "God" (wherein I examine the character of the Bishop as an authorial self-insert and see what that unlocks)

14 - On Critics and Completeness (wherein I attempt to figure out why this work didn't land like I think it should have)
posted by gee_the_riot at 6:40 AM on May 15

15 - A Vintage Aubusson (that's a bitch to lug) (wherein I make the very natural choice to use developmental psychology to link HWA to Road Show )
posted by gee_the_riot at 4:07 PM on May 22

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