Power Button - Episode 384: Super Shopping Spree
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Power Button - Episode 384: Super Shopping Spree
My friend Blake and I have produced a weekly video game podcast for over a decade now. We live on opposite ends of the country and rarely see each other. Last week he came to visit and I took him around on a shopping spree of retro video games and toys. On this podcast recorded in the same room together for the first time since 2011, we let you follow along on our road trip and tell you about the awesome stuff we bought.

We're wheeling and dealing, buying nostalgia and things we've long wanted. I scored the deal of a lifetime on a certain rare Nintendo amiibo. I almost talked Blake into buying a $250 Mega Man game. He scooped up so many obscure pinball games. I bought new decor for the game room from Japan. He bought his kids Mario and Luigi hats. You can hear the vibrant energy on this episode. It's so great to just hang out and have some fun.

Blake had wanted to visit since my cancer diagnosis last year but the time has only just been right once my chemotherapy ended two weeks ago. We give locations for the indie shops so you can retrace our journey if you visit Florida. They are all great stores and I recommend them all.
Role: Podcast co-host
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