Kicked Out: gay erotic romance set at a boarding school in the '70s
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Kicked Out: gay erotic romance set at a boarding school in the '70s
The winters are long at Napier Academy, an elite boys' boarding school. And as Spaulding Stockwell turns eighteen, he couldn't be lonelier. His best friend Lawrence is pushing him away, and forget finding a girlfriend in Nowheresville, New Hampshire. But when he catches the eye of the school's charismatic star athlete, George "Ender" Endicott, his life takes an unexpected turn. As Ender's tutor, Spaulding becomes embroiled in a steamy affair that jeopardizes all he holds dear. He knows he’s playing with fire…but Ender is impossible to resist.

Note: posting from a sock, because I need to keep erotic writing separate from the rest of my online presence.

Info: Kicked Out (Part I) is the first of a five-book story arc, and Part II is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. I like to call it a “love story” because it’s not quite erotica...but also not quite romance...but not serious litfic, either. In other words, it’s unmarketable! That’s O.K.; I wrote it for me. But if my little chimera is anyone's type, it's probably Metafilter's.

Kicked Out is...
🐣 My very first book
🌶️ Super explicit
❤️‍🔥 An emotional slow burn
🏳️‍🌈An #ownvoices read
📚 A remedy for all those who needed more from restrained classics like A Separate Peace

Content: Be aware this isn't a fantasy version of the '70s, or of prep school. Expect some outdated mindsets and language (e.g., "homo"), and a couple racist/anti-Semitic moments (not from the protagonist). Basically, it's Mad Men more than Our Flag Means Death.

Price: Kicked Out will always be available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. For others, I'm afraid the free Kindle promotion ends in a matter of hours; the book costs money starting on 4/1. But at only 99 cents for 99k words, it's a steal!

Finally: if you do happen to read and enjoy Kicked Out, a rating or review on Goodreads/Amazon would mean the world to me. Due to its lack of market conformity, I chose to just hit publish and run, rather than soliciting reviews or building an audience or any of the businessy things you're meant to do. Kicked Out is fending for itself out this would be an incredible help.
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Thanks for posting this! I dunno if this is my jam, but I dunno that it's not either. I salute you doing the work and putting it out. That is not me be patronising (at least, not on purpose), that is me being a little envious that I cannot make myself do the same. Best of luck with Kicked Out and the following novels.
posted by Bella Donna at 1:00 PM on April 1, 2023

This does sound like my jam, but I am not a Kindle person. Good luck and godspeed!
posted by Lawn Beaver at 7:22 AM on April 7, 2023

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