CircleTime - schedule visualization
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CircleTime - schedule visualization
Do you feel like time is a mystery? Are you or your children constantly fighting against the flow of your day? Do you want a visualization of your schedule, with a voice to announce your events and reminders, possibly with whimsical expressions mixed in? Perhaps CircleTime can help you like it helped me and my kids.

I have always had a terrible sense of time. At least one of my children inherited this. I find it very hard to get a sense of how the day's events are laid out in front of me, or to judge and remember amounts of time. Also, it was a struggle every morning to move my kids through the necessary morning schedule, especially on school days - it involved a lot of nagging and annoyance.

So, I created a tool to help with these problems. It provides a live visualization of your day's schedule in a circular format. It also provides optional voice notifications when events are starting and/or ending, with optional offset reminders.

- Schedule live-rotates, showing progress
- Zoom in and out to show the whole day, or a smaller window of time
- Voice notifications for start, end, and offset reminders
- Start notifications come with customizable randomized intro text, which by default is full of whimsical British slang.
- Choose any of the voices from your browser's selection for notifications
- Create schedule presets for different types of days to quickly load a template for the day's schedule

Thanks to my family for guiding the feature development and beta testing.
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I love it!

Since you made a cool clock, and in case you enjoyed the clock-making process, I figure this is worth asking for:
* Description
* A thought that might make sense to a coder on implementation
* example use cases
posted by aniola at 10:56 AM on October 5, 2022 [1 favorite]

Well done. I once had a notion to create a circular calendar similar to this in spirit. It would be useful for my organization, which has a pretty consistent year-round calendar of events. I didn't get far with that project.
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This was great! It appears to be down.
posted by zenon at 5:34 PM on January 3, 2023

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