Change one letter, improve a band?
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Change one letter, improve a band?
So some guys in a moderately successful cover band decided to start a side project for their side project — selling canned wine inspired by music in their repertoire.

Steely Can Wine was borne out of a late-night hang after a wedding gig in PA. Thinking about the sometimes clever names on labels for wine, we thought it would be funny to name wines after songs in our repertoire. We amused ourselves that night, and the next morning one of the band members (who works in wine distribution) said he had a lot of extra rosé left over from a bottling run.

With MeFi's help, I hooked up the site I built to the store another bandmember built. We did a soft launch a while ago, selling some rosé in local markets and restaurants, but the online shop went live today with our first three wines.

I do QA for designers and devs in my day job, but this is actually the first site I've tried building from scratch. We have some creative guys in the band tied to agencies, and I relied on their help for design assets and photography. Couldn't have done it without them.
Role: Site development, marketing copy, social media, sales,
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I freaking love attending 3 Sheets to the Wind shows in Richmond - so much fun - so many drunk GenXers.
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COD, I think we met years ago at an RVA meetup, but I had no idea the band has a Mefite fan. Cheers!
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That meetup was at Mekong, right?
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I couldn’t think of it, but I think you’re right. Probably means we are overdue for a meet up.
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If you need more names 🤣🤣

- Disciples of Soil
- Heaver Brown
- Guided by Vices
- The Weekend
- Dookie Brothers
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