Every Diner in Whatcom County, WA
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Every Diner in Whatcom County, WA
I'm a recent transplant to Bellingham, Washington. In addition to rain and deer, we have lots of diners. I have decided to eat at and review each one based on the following criteria: Vibe, Song Heard, Coffee, Did the yolk pop?, Can I sit and read a while?, and Price. I'm up to 14 so far, about eight more to go!

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Initial post.
posted by cidrab at 6:31 PM on June 16, 2022

This is such a throwback kind of project and I am totally here for that--I hope you keep it going as long as you can.
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Someday, when I'm able to travel again, I am going to hit up every diner in Whatcom County, then hop the ferry from Bellingham to Skagway, and then I'm going to huck myself straight up the side of the mountain and vanish forever into the Yukon, my lips still sticky from diner pancakes and too much coffee.
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Cool, will review the list next time I visit my sister. Did you make a map?
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I was similarly transplanted to Boston in 1979. For the next four years I was doing field work all over New England and the Canadian Maritimes. We had to eat occasionally and quickly discovered that diners were the place to find coffee and pie or meatloaf and gravy or hash-browns and eggs. We soon got to recognise whether we were sitting in a Fodero, O'Mahony or Mountain View . But the best were Worcester Lunch Cars and we quixotically started to record the location and manufacturer's number as we came across them. I salute your aspiration to capture ALL the diners in a particular area. Hope the egg-popping ratio works well for you.
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I went to college in Bellingham, and still have many friends there. This is relevant to my interests.
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Review 16: Old Town Cafe! (Bhammers will know this place, methinks.)
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I like your "Nighthawks" ranking system and criteria:


Song heard


Did the yolk pop like it should?

Can I sit and read a while?

Price: EB, coffee, tip

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