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This digital history project reveals a comprehensive history of housing discrimination and segregation across the US' North and West. Complicating the notion that most racist policies existed only in the Jim Crow south, Unvarnished includes a national narrative on how racist policies and practices created a segregated nation, along with six "local spotlight" stories for Appleton, WI; West Hartford, CT; Brea, CA; Naperville, IL; Oak Park, IL; and Columbus, OH.

It is dense and full of information. I learned such a great deal, almost all unpleasant, about the way our nation came to be and how our community demographics have been defined; and it was not an accident of fate. I hope this will make its way into lots of communities and spawn partner projects that explore more local conditions of housing segregation, discrimination, and exclusive planning.
Role: I was on the project team as an editor and content developer.
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Very cool project. Thank you for sharing it.
posted by latkes at 11:06 AM on June 1

This is an extraordinary resource - such breadth, and such depth.

I have only read a small fraction (it's SO BIG) but I am most impressed by all of it - the storytelling, the layout, the clear explanations, the well-sourced historical documents.

Thank you so much for sharing this here. This is so valuable, and so very well done.
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