Brass sextet for 6 trumpets and epic digital signal processing
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Brass sextet for 6 trumpets and epic digital signal processing
I haven't been able to make music with my brass quintet since the start of the pandemic. I ended up redirecting that grief into a 10-month quest to use extensive digital signal processing to transform live trumpet audio into realistic horn, trombone, and tuba, so I could play a sextet with myself.
Role: Programmer, performing, audio engineer, video editor
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Beautiful! Forgive my ignorance, what are the non-trumpet/cornet instruments you are using for the trombone & tuba? Lapsed trumpet player here myself...this is the first thing in a long time to make me think about pulling it out of the closet. Also, what is your recording space like? That was to my relatively untrained ear quite good acoustics.
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The two trumpet parts are both "standard" Bb trumpets. Solo cornet is a trumpet pitched in Eb. Horn is a rotary trumpet in C. Trombone is a normal (US) orchestral C trumpet. Tuba is a Bb flugelhorn (most people's reference point here is Chuck Mangione).
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The recording space is nothing special -- I'm in a roughly 8x10' attic space with junk/valuable work product everywhere. I'm playing into a decent but not amazing ribbon mic with a baffle behind it (in the form of a $2 Ikea bathmat) to get pretty dry direct audio which then goes through a completely amazing FX/reverb chain derived from research done by IRCAM, a French public institution that has done a lot of groundbreaking work in music-related research.
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I'm gobsmacked. It's like stepping back to around 1900. Beautiful work. I'd never heard of Oskar Böhme and now reading that he died in one of Stalin's labour camps. Jesus.
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That was absolutely beautiful, thank you!
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Thank you for sharing this. I really enjoyed it
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