Hunter x Hunter Ladies Fanzine - For International Women's Day
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Hunter x Hunter Ladies Fanzine - For International Women's Day
Happy International Women's Day! I'm back again with another fan project! This one is a fanzine for Yoshihiro Togashi's anime and manga Hunter x Hunter, possibly the only Weekly Shounen Jump manga where the co-protagonist ends the series by deciding to look after his beloved trans kid sister instead of embarking on further adventures. To celebrate all the great female and fem characters in this series, we put together this free fanzine, which you can read at the link above. It was important for us to create an inclusive zine, and I'd like to ask in comments for your suggestions for trans-inclusive feminist charities, especially European ones, as we are still deciding where we'd like to put any money left over at the of this project (the digital zine is free, the print zine is at cost, and we might do a merch drive for charity if we can find the right one).

If you like the zine, please leave a comment, I will pass them along to the contributors <3
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