And They Were Not My Words
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And They Were Not My Words
And They Were Not My Words is a small collection/zine of various cut-up fiction experiments, in which I’ve tried creating new works from old pieces by various authors. Includes Five Entries Recovered From Jorge Luis Borges’ Imaginary Book Of Beings, In The Terminals Of Minraud (a William Burroughs trilogy), Thirteen New Tales by the Brothers Grimm, Five Tributes To The Works Of Daniil Kharms, and What Haruki Murakami Talks About When He Talks About Women.

The pdf/epub versions (direct link to a .zip containing both) also includes fully annotated/referenced versions, including the methodologies used in each of the pieces. Also it means you can check on my work if you really want to see if, when, and where exactly I cheated.
Role: writer artist
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