The Frenchie Guide to Life ??
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The Frenchie Guide to Life ??
If you're thinking of getting a French Bulldog or are already a butler to one, this guide is packed with Frenchie-specific information and printables to help your Frenchie live it's fullest, healthiest and happiest life.

I started writing this guide soon after adopting our French Bulldog Frank Sinatra nearly 2 years ago, and it's packed with everything I wish I had known before we brought him home. Even as experienced dog owners, there are so many new concerns specific to Frenchies, from the risk of IVDD to the fact that they sink like stones in water! Included in this downloadable PDF:

* Buying Guide: including genetic testing your breeder should be performing.

* Life Tips for Happy #Frenchies: Frenchie developmental challenges plus advice for keeping your French Bulldog safe, exercised and well-fed.

* Health Information: The most important health conditions to watch out for, and tips to help your French Bulldog avoid them.

* Frenchie Printables: A Frenchie Checklist PLUS 12-month Frenchie Calendar filled with an adorable batpig for every month!

(Note: This layout is for A4, but will print fine on 8.5x11.)
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