A fictional band + real music
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A fictional band + real music
I've been writing about a fictional band for nearly two years. I've written up fake song names, put the band on a made-up tour around the world, and I've written stories about their time on the road. But I don't have any music to go along with the stories, and I'd like to change that.

So this is a new project where I'm looking to pair up with real musicians. Here's how it works: you write a song, however you want, in any genre, with any lyrics, and obviously you have all the rights to the song. But then in my narrative I can refer to your real song as a "cover" of this imaginary band's work. Which it's not, of course. But it allows my band to jump from fantasy into reality because I can hear real renditions of songs that until now have only been make-believe.

The only catch is the new song you write should share the song name with one of my fake band's songs, then I'll link to it and your song becomes a part of my little story!
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