Scarlatti on the Gadgetina
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Scarlatti on the Gadgetina
Link goes to 3 min. YouTube video of me playing Scarlatti (K159) on the gadgetina, a homebrew MIDI keyboard. The gadgetina is actually an old project, but the video is new.

The gadgetina is based on the Wicki-Hayden note layout, a 2-dimensional "isomorphic" arrangement of keys. I was first turned on to W-H a couple of decades ago and built several iterations of what I called the "gadgetina".

This Scarlatti sonata was one of the first things I learned to play on the thing. In the decades since, I've forgotten and re-learned it several times. This time I put it on YouTube.

I never got super proficient at playing the gadgetina, but I've posted a few pieces at Hopefully the novelty of the weird keyboard offsets the musical inadequacies!
Role: designer, builder, coder, player
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Mind slightly blown by seeing computer-style keys being used musically. Excellent work.
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