The Kraken Busters
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The Kraken Busters
The Kraken Busters is a 1000% true history podcast telling the somehow-mostly-forgotten story of the United States' existential conflict with sea monsters immediately after World War 2. The first three episodes are up, with plenty more to come. Can be streamed directly from the site, or found at the usual podcast outlets.
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Oh this is neat!

I've been hoping to learn more about how the US dealt with the Sea Monsters.
I think the situation in the UK was mostly kept under wraps till the mid 2000's when the 50 year time limit elapsed. There was a lot of stuff in the papers about it when they unsealed the official documents, but even then it wasn't talked about that much.

Also you are extremely right about Tentacles on Steel, I don't think anyone took that movie seriously, but it's fascinating to hear the real story and how little bits here and there match up with what actually happened.
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