Africans in France in the late 19th century
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Africans in France in the late 19th century
In the past few months, I've been providing answers for the r/askhistorians subreddit, mostly (but not only) to questions about French history. A question about the presence of Africans in France in the late 19th century prompted me to investigate this topic, which has been little studied by academia: there are works on Africans before and after the 19th century, and, for that century, works on Afro-Caribbean people, but not so much on Africa-born residents. So I did a little bit of research and wrote this 8000-word essay which includes a few stories (found in newspapers) about some African people who lived in France in last quarter of the century, decades before African immigration began.
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Nice! That reminds me, were you able to round out the Angèle Delva de Dalmarie saga? Or has it gone as far as it's going to go?

Well done, in any event, keep it up.
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