Christian Rightcast
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Christian Rightcast
A podcast series for people who'd like to know more about the history and composition of the amorphous "Christian Right," how it came to be, and the role it plays in America's current authoritarian inflection point.

Late last year as the election approached, journalist Kristin Rawls (previously) and I compared notes, discovering that our past intersections with Christian Right groups (both personal and professional) gave us a particularly vivid perspective on the individuals and movements that make it up. Over the past several months we've been researching and producing episodes that cover the movement's important ideological and political sub-groups; the conceptual building blocks that unite them; and the history of important personalities and how they laid the foundation for current events.

Recent examples include a three-part series on Vincent Peale, the author of The Power Of Positive Thinking and pastor to the Trump family; a review of the christian right groups whose members were present at the January 6th capitol riots; and an in-progress series about the origins and importance of apocalypse/bible prophecy narratives to the Christian Right.

It's niche, but if you like this niche, we might just be your people.
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