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I became somewhat obsessed with the Google Blob Opera (FPP) and, more specifically, making it sing arbitrary songs (MIDI control is supported but very limited, or at least difficult to program manually). What started out as quick and dirty hack to convert 4-part MIDI arrangements to Blob Opera format JSON ended up as a slightly less quick and dirty standalone npm module.

I've been continuing to tinker with this since the Blob Opera was released and I'm pretty pleased with how well it's working at this point. Here are some results from latest/recent versions of the converter: This project also inspired a python library (blob-opera-toolkit) with some interesting features that were out of the scope for what I wanted to do do here, like supporting MusicXML with lyrics.

I'm considering it feature complete at this point but have considered implementing the ability to automate uploads of songs to the Blob Opera (currently not supported because I don't want to abuse their API) and may still do so at some point.
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This is amazing. The All Star one is so fun to play with.
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