Goat Teats I've Known
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Goat Teats I've Known
Here's a brief lil' mini-zine documenting some of the more charming and compelling teats I’ve come across during my time learning up how to milk and care for goats. It's a one-pager so you can print it out and fold it up and read away! (Instructions for folding a one-page zine here if ya need 'em.)

Inspired to make this after browsing The Quarantine Public Library via Cash4Lead's recent post.
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I have Goats..... this is a zine I.... maybe not....neeeed...but as a data point... Matilda is a Monet and poor daisy is currently an Avalon. I have forwarded this...
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Ha! My love to your goats and good health to poor Daisy. If you, like me, are also headed into breeding season, I wish us both great luck in getting these teats back in working order after kidding.
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I no longer manage a fourteen-goat nonprofit and we didn’t milk anyone anyway but this seems up my alley. My zine alley?
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I no longer manage a fourteen-goat nonprofit

The saddest phrasal short story ever told...
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