Places In Space
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Places In Space
Places In Space is an episodic ultra lo-fi, and occasionally experimental, science fiction serial, detailing a voyage of discovery through the solar system and beyond, with new episodes appearing every Monday. Volume One ran for 30 episodes between May and November 2019, and Volume Two started this week, with the 32nd episode, I Remember Andromeda, a short rumination on the slow decay of facts over time.

Although these can be read in any order, really, there is slight continuity over the pieces as a whole. Volume 1, alongside frequent trips to strange new worlds, deals with the overarching theme of alienation through time dilation, as each journey out leads to an ever changed Earth when they finally return. Volume 2 (alongside other frequent trips to strange new worlds), deals with the increasing alienation in a world where Earth no longer even exists.

And also occasionally there are some jokes, and some moments of beauty, amongst the terrible art.

Places In Space: Volume 1 (Volume 1 is available as a single anthology issue on Kindle and iTunes, or here, as a pdf)

#1: Out Of The Window
#2: Mons
#3: Terraforming On A Jovian Moon
#4: The Sisters Of Pluto
#5: The Void
#6: An Abandoned Cube
#7: Repetitions Of Aesthetic Beauty
#8: Anomalous Readings
#9: A Dream Of Ourselves
#10: The Ethereal
#11: Gnosis
#12: A Dead Planet
#13: Fifteen Suns
#14: Reality
#15: Polyphant
#16: I Dream Of Silence
#17: Oort
#18: Enceladus
#19: You Will Become Strange
#20: Intrastellar
#21: Jump
#22: Untitled Entry
#23: Lalande
#24: An Immortality Of Sorts
#25: Paradise
#26: A Glow like Pale Stars
#27: A Dream Of Houses
#28: Snow
#29: Return/Leave
#30: A Dream of Company

Volume Two so far consists only of

#31: Volume 2
#32: I Remember Andromeda

but there'll be a new episode every Monday, for th enext six months, at least.

Also if you liked this, you might like my self contained graphic novel, Destination: Mars (previously of projects), about exploration, love and strangeness on an odd and incomprehensible world. Three people (and a cat) set out on a journey to Mars, only to discover that the world there is stranger and more dangerous than they could ever have known.

(And which is also available on Kindle and iTunes)
Role: writer, artist
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I liked these, thank you. I flipped through them fairly quickly, but I can imagine spending more time with some of them because they take a bit of thought.
posted by jacquilynne at 10:11 AM on September 11, 2020 [1 favorite]

Excellent, thank you. Glad you enjoyed them. Cheers.

(And I hope my handwriting was legible enough throughout)
posted by dng at 10:21 AM on September 11, 2020

There were a couple of words I couldn't read but mostly it was not a problem.
posted by jacquilynne at 10:59 AM on September 11, 2020

These are lovely dmg, I can read your handwriting fine, easier than I can read my own!

And I love your nice and simple (but deep as there's room for my mid to roam) drawings.
posted by unearthed at 12:41 AM on September 22, 2020 [1 favorite]

Excellent, thank you.

There's a few more episodes now, too.

#33: The Speed Of The Sun
#34: On A Cold And Silver Moon
#35: A Tomb Of Trees
posted by dng at 6:35 AM on September 28, 2020

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