CircuitPython Day 9/9/2020
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CircuitPython Day 9/9/2020
CircuitPython is a version of Python for tiny computers called microcontrollers. We're celebrating CircuitPython Day on 9/9, the snakiest day of the year (or at least, that's what it says here), with livestreams and more.

I've used the Python programming language for many years, and when I learned a version of it ran on microcontrollers it was love at first sight. Then, about a year ago, I became a remotie at Adafruit developing CircuitPython. (Many other companies and individuals also make and sell boards compatible with CircuitPython, because it's open source and also awesome).

I am routinely in awe of the beautiful things my colleagues and our community make with CircuitPython and other electronics.

On September 9 we'll have a series of (youtube, twitch, etc) livestreams accompanied by discussion on our discord, -- events will include a community Show & Tell in English and (a first, I think) in Spanish; a deep dive from project leader Scott Shawcroft, and an interview/discussion about how two different subsystems of CircuitPython have evolved over the past few years (I'll be one of the participants in that stream).
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Nice. We already use Trinket M0s and CPXs for adaptive controllers: but you know about Bill Binko, and some of what we do is a riff on what he does. We could be up for shows-and-tells.

I just wish that the mpy/cpy rift would heal. I wrote a lot of mpy for the CPX when it came out, and none of that code works any more. Translating it to cpy ends up with too-slow code. It's neat that there are lots of 3rd party boards that are supported (ones I have include the '411 Black Pill, MeowBit, and the neat Wio Terminal I'm evaluating for SeeedStudio) but docs, stable APIs and working examples are thin on the ground. Also, even for Adafruit boards, there's no easy update path beyond manual selective copying.

Damien wants to do/sell his things, as Limor wants to in her way. I get that. But as a user-focused developer who wants stuff to work and stay working, I get tired of being stuck in the middle.
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We love to see you at a Show & Tell. A micropython based project would absolutely be welcome, even if it's CircuitPython day. I have been repeatedly amazed and inspired by the Assistive Technology that people are creating with hobbyist-level tools.
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