Red Ticket: A Story of Collapse
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Red Ticket: A Story of Collapse
1993 was the most brutal of the post-collapse years in Moscow, and it was also the year I moved there without really knowing any better. I woke up in a society where few institutions functioned, mobsters in tracksuits flourished, and chewing gum was worth more than money. Red Ticket is my memoir about Russia after it lost the Cold War (remember when we used to say that?), and about social and personal collapse.

1. When Everything Is Easy- I move to Russia to make things harder.

2. Hussein | 3. Pay Stove - I meet the man who will save my life the next day. A mysterious woman gives me a gift.

4. Smokers' Paradise | 5. The Attack - I finally get to use the condoms. Things in the dorm take a dark turn.
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I am really enjoying these!
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