Maersk Container ship model made from wood
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Maersk Container ship model made from wood
I built this single shipping container model made from wood. It was part of a larger project, but I can only take credit for this small tiny section. This single element was used as a template to fabricate the other containers that you will see in this video. I double-checked the rules. Although this has a business element, I'm only referencing the container as my project. Although I'm a manager, I do on occasion like to get my hands dirty. Here is the video that shows the full project just in case you wanted to see how this large 5-foot model came together. BUILD VIDEO PS. If you think this is spammy or promotional in anyway, Please let me know and i will take it down.
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Nice job on the container! I enjoyed watching the artisans at work in the video.
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That's wonderful - I'll tell my wife, she used to be in shipping and has a fascination for all things freight.

I know one or two people who still make landscape models for hearings - sometimes a physical model is still the best route to understanding.
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