Beauty and Grace in the Time of Covid-19
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Beauty and Grace in the Time of Covid-19
I've begun a group on Facebook intended to be a respite from the horrible news of the coronavirus and instead to celebrate the moments or acts of grace and beauty that has arisen as a result of it. This may be singing from the balconies of Italy, art, people helping others, swans and dolphins in the canals of Venice, or the like.

From the About section for the group:

Please share content that celebrates moments of beauty and grace related to, adjacent to, or in response to Covid-19. Photos, videos, and stories are all welcome, but in all likelihood memes will not be a good fit for the group. This is not a general Covid-19 news group--it is only for positive content that celebrates the good things that have resulted from the changes we are experiencing.

Although the group is public, new members will be asked a few simple screening questions to keep out scammers, spammers, and other bad actors. Please answer the questions within a day of requesting to join or your request will be denied.

All posts will be screened by a moderator and only posts meeting the focus of the group will be approved: this will also lessen the number of repeat posts and minimize spam.

We will only allow positive posts and comments. This group will be actively moderated. If you notice something negative or unkind, please report it to the admins/mods. Thank you.

Please bear with us as the group evolves. The screening questions, description, and rules may change in response to the direction in which the group grows. Allowable content may also evolve.

Currently, we are allowing:
* Pictures that celebrate Beauty and Grace in the time of Covid
* Videos that celebrate Beauty and Grace in the time of Covid
* Stories that celebrate Beauty and Grace in the time of Covid

The following MAY be accepted at the discretion of an admin/mod:
* Apps/Websites/Products that are adapting to societal changes because of Covid.

Probably not going to be accepted:
* Coronavirus memes or jokes
* News about Covid-19
Role: creator, primary admin
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