People Standing In Subway Doors
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People Standing In Subway Doors
A rage-induced Instagram account through which I document people behaving selfishly in mass transit (specifically New York City, for now, since that's my location). This started because I'm frustrated by how bad subway and bus etiquette has gotten lately. Eventually this page will feature such platinum selling hits as: "Guy sitting on the train with a bluetooth boombox blaring" and "Lady sitting on the subway steps during rush hour." For clarification - it only counts when the doors are open. If you know how to play the "this door won't open for 7 stops" game then good on you. Submissions accepted at
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This post was deleted for the following reason: On second consideration, I'm sympathetic to the frustration behind this and feel like a creative project tackling that somehow could be a good fit for Projects, but probably not one that takes the "actual pictures of strangers as public shaming" tack. -- cortex

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