AI Dictionary (Twitter bot)
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AI Dictionary (Twitter bot)
I wanted to see how much OpenAI's language model actually knew, so I tried to get it to define words... but I accidentally had it set to 'random', not 'best'.

Normal setting: MetaFilter, n. A website that allows users to submit links to other sites and comment on them. The site's name is a play on the phrase "meta" and the word "filter."

Wrong setting: MetaFilter, n. An online community of intellectuals, wizards, and accountants, who care more about the denotation of specific cultural concepts than subjectivity in general. Once a very successful jokes & pop-culture blog that took its initial blast on around 2002 and blew up, eventually taking Monty Python cues on every page and gradually spinning off into a corporate sister site that branched into a number of separate subgroups alluding to different niche things — Kurzgesagt, Avoidanny, It Must Be the Language!, Tribe of Misfits, and so on. Then we had the evil hands taken over by a control group of angry young gentlemen, and hey presto: Millennials too immature and entitled to sustain and maintain any intelligent or subversive online enterprise. Once I got a glimpse of the writing by these tools I decided I'd had enough of them. That site is no more. Life does things in waves, things unplanned but in fact inevitable.
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by filthy light thief on December 2, 2019: AI dictionary, from cybertriumph to wringie, and beyond!

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