A Nintendo Switch-powered Pinball Machine
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A Nintendo Switch-powered Pinball Machine
Inspired by my long-held desire to build a virtual pinball cabinet and the quality of the Pinball FX3 port on Switch (not to mention its support for vertical play), I spent the past few weeks building this fully functional Switch-powered pinball cabinet.

If Reddit disinterests you, you can check out the Imgur albums for the current final look and for the in-progress log with some of the design specs I worked up.

Built mostly from 1/2" MDF plus repurposed computer monitor and old Kindle Fire tablet. Added plexiglass and aluminum trim for the top finish.

It's a total blast to play on. I wish FX3 let you make things even more "authentic" (mostly by stopping the camera from moving around so much) but it's still so easy to get lost in the gaming.
Role: builder, designer
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