KFOG Forever
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KFOG Forever
KFOG Forever honors an extraordinary radio station that inspired community among listeners in the San Francisco Bay area and around the world. KFOG started playing adult album rock in 1982, and went off the air on September 6, 2019.

For most of the station's 37 years, KFOG created an extraordinarily intelligent, compassionate environment that was very rare in commercial radio.

I was an avid KFOG listener for many years, and I was saddened when a friend told me Thursday morning that KFOG was closing down completely. (Instead, they're simulcasting KNBR, a sports station.)

As I finished listening to their day-long farewell broadcast on Thursday, September 5, it occurred to me to create this simple site to honor all the wonderful years of great music and wonderful people that I remember from the best years of KFOG.

Thanks to Drupal, the tool I used to build this website, I was able to put something together in very little time:

Sep 5, 8:15 am: I found out about KFOG's last day and started listening to the final broadcast

Sep 5, 11:30 pm: I wondered whether I might put together a quick tribute site

Sep 6, 6:00 am: I registered the domain kfogforever.com

Sep 6, 6:30 am: I started building the site

Sep 7, 8:30 pm: after putting in less than 15 hours working on the site (including research and very minimal design), I'm posting it here to Metafilter Projects

There is a TON of additional content I want to add - audio clips, profiles of lots more of the people who made KFOG what it was, lots more playlists, dozens of news articles - but this is the sort of thing that's never finished, so I'd rather launch it now and keep adding things as I find the time.

I hope you enjoy it. I had a great time putting it together.
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They only announced this is late August--less than two weeks before they went off the air. I don't listen to nearly as much music as I used to and only found out last Monday or so, when I was in the mood for some commute music and got sports stuff coming at me. I kind of thought "Oh, I must be on AM" then looked at the dial and did a double take.

This is a nice tribute; I hadn't really paid attention to what happened to some of the old timers. "My Three Songs" --I was in a lab in the late 90s where we played communally pretty much every day.

If you're still adding things maybe "Live from the Archives" track lists?
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