Not Your 'Baby': A Comic on China's Punk Rock Pioneers
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Not Your 'Baby': A Comic on China's Punk Rock Pioneers
The crazy, heartbreaking story of Hang on the Box, one of China's earliest all-women punk bands. Excerpted from a (forthcoming!) comic-book history of Beijing's musical underground.

Hang on the Box were teenagers when they were featured on the cover of Newsweek magazine, catapulting them to instant fame. It would make them, and eventually, it would break them.

This is an excerpt from 'Open All the Buddha Boxes', a comicbook history of Beijing's underground music scenes. It asks: what if the entire history of 20th century alternative music - from rock’n’roll and punk to new wave and all-night raves - happened in a single place over a single generation?

For two decades, Beijing was that place: a laboratory and a temple for some of the world’s most vital music. This is one out of a hundred possible stories!
Role: Writer and Illustrator
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Thank you so much, @Gotanda <3
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