An Accumulation Of Things
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An Accumulation Of Things
An Accumulation Of Things is a website which collects together various selections of my (fairly eclectic) writing output, including numerous fairy tales, short stories, comics, graphic novels, children's picture books (both rough scripts and fully illustrated books), and occasional short poems and other ephemera. This week is the site's first anniversary, and in that year to date so far it has accumulated roughly 300 things, and my current ongoing projects include Violent Penguin (a daily comic strip about a Penguin), A Thousand And One Tales (my weekly ongoing fairy tales project), and Places In Space (a weekly series of short science fiction comics, detailing a voyage through space).

And here are some of the best/most interesting things out of those 300 things (some of which have been posted to projects or metafilter before):

Spiders Are Wonderful (picture book about spiders, illustrated by Mark Raisbeck)
The Saddest Bear Of All (a picture book about friendship, illustrated by Minkee)
They Locked Me In This Room And Told Me To Confess (a short comic about injustice and imprisonment)
The Adventure Of The Empty Nursery (a weird fiction Sherlock Holmes story)
The King's Daughter And The King's Son (a retelling of the tale of Ariadne and The Minotaur)
The Three Sorrowful Sisters (a fairy tale/horror story)
The Lunar Queen (a fairy tale about the creation of a utopia)
The Stolen Child (another fairy tale, about imprisonment, escape, and revenge)
The Old Woman And The Cat (a short story about cats, loneliness, grief)
The Reading, or Performance Anxiety (short story about public reading)
Destination: Mars (a four part, 160 page graphic novel about a journey to Mars - part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4)

There's a shop page, which links to the few things of mine that are commercially available elsewhere, and I also have a patreon, which helps support the site and my work.
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