A Folia For Wallace
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A Folia For Wallace
My name is Fred Miller, and this is my 4th self-released album. Available at this link (website hosted on AWS S3), and iTunes, Spotify, etc. Enjoy!

This one is called "A Folia For Wallace". Although the flagship song on the album is surely Muzz's Gym, I wanted to give a nod to some of the more exotic inspirations, in this case Wallace Stevens, great American Poet and antagonist to two other great American Poets. Apparantly both Robert Frost and Ernest Hemingway laid good ole Wally out. I think I identify with Wallace a bit because he really came into his own as a poet later in life, when he was already in his 40s. So here's one for Wally.

The album is available on iTunes and Spotify and Amazon and everywhere else. I might suggest Muzz's Gym - Acoustic Version (Track 12), and I'm also particularly proud of Track 3 - Detective DeForge, which is kind of a response song to Long Black Veil.
Role: Songwriter, accordion, vocals, producer, engineer
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I enjoyed this. I quite liked "Willie" although you didn't have anything to say about it. "One for the IOT" was another highlight, so it's not just the robot overlords that will be pleased.
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