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A macOS-based music programming environment for hosting AudioUnit instruments and effects and allowing them to be played and controlled with code written in JavaScript, optionally driven by a score. (Work under development.)

Like some kind of unholy chimera of a Logic/Ableton Live-style DAW and an IDE; there's a mixer-strip view one can load instruments and effects into, an editor for code, and a console with a command line, as well as a mechanism for triggering code at various times (Cues and Cycles). Internally, it uses the JavaScriptCore engine built into macOS, making AudioUnits visible to it, whilst providing a GUI for setting instruments up (many are not easily scriptable). It can currently play sound in realtime, or render AIFF audio.

This is the minimum viable first release of a work very much in progress; it's still incomplete and rough around the edges, and more will be added to it. My primary goal is to make a DAW-style music creation system geared towards algorithmic/generative composition, where one can write code that generates parts of the music.

There are binaries here.
Role: programmer, architect
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